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Thursday, May 8, 2008

May 07 2008 - The Distinguished Guest by Sue Miller (He)

Only 5 of us today. Ant, He and Ca liked the book but Je found it slow and boring. De who couldn't make it, later commented that it was well written but a bit slow and she couldn't warm to the characters much.

Lots of discussion though. Je felt that the description of the aging process in Lily's character was quite accurate. Interesting information about the author's background from He which made us see why Miller writes as she does. Also comments about the characters and our various reactions to them. Mostly all of us thought that the journalist Linnette was too nosy and her character sometimes irritating. Perhaps this character could have been more developed ....? Most of us loved the character of the wife Gaby. For De, Gaby was ok but boring. She didn't like Lily and hoped that she wouldn't be that mean to her own kids when she got older! Discussion also touched on topics like euthanasia , food and how affairs can happen. While not a compelling read the books descriptions of everyday life felt true.

Sa brought our attention to these words on p 16 of the book (scene where guests have been invited to dinner ) and said that it was an interesting description of life.

"The evening winds down, and when the first couple rises apologetically to go, the others get up too. They have busy days the next day, they have children, yards, boats, cars, tennis games, golf games to play - possessions and connections which need tending."

This is an easy read and it is the second book that we have read by Sue Miller. The other one, read quite some time ago was "While I was Gone".

(Next meeting will be at He's place.)

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