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Thursday, November 5, 2009

November - Breath by Tim Winton (Fi)

We always enjoy Winton's writing. This one was beautifully written, a coming of age novel .... with something for everyone. Some of us did find parts of it quite disturbing.... unsettling .... with a mixed reaction from others. The sense of breath is felt throughout the book ..... The reader also gets an insight into surfing ..... not just the language of surfing, but the beauty and wonder of the whole experience. We all felt that the last section of the book was so important for everything about the whole book was tied together there. A lot seems to happen in those final few chapters and the pace of the book, suddenly changes. We discussed the characters in detail, also their relationships with each other. We also discussed the setting of the book ..... it's time and place. Two of us actually listened to the audio book version and we thoroughly recommend it for the reader does an excellent job!

(We did not like Breath as much as we liked Dirt Music, though!)

Tim Winton's Breath Website:

  (The recipe for the yummy slice that Fi made ...... and we couldn't stop eating!!)

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