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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wednesday, 1st August, 2012, Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo chosen by Fra

  • Narrative Non-fiction
  • Engaging,  also thought provoking and moving
  • Focus on Annawadi, one of the slums found in Mumbai
  • Content, overwhelming at times, upsetting, also frustrating but interesting and informative
  • Resilience and hope stands out against all odds.

Location:  There is no map for Annawadi as it is a slum.  If you google Mumbai airport on google maps, it is somewhere off a concrete wall  along Sahar Rd  (The Highway lined with coconut palms) On p5 there is a mention of it being 250 yds (230metres) off the Sahar Rd

      We compared the size of Annawadi in relation to the size of our own homes:
      (The slum consists of 335 huts jammed together on about 2500 square metres of land.
       It is populated by 3 thousand people.)

      We also looked at the Videos on Annawadi and the book gave us much to think about.

     Four of us had recently read Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts a different completely different book but there were a few places mentioned there that were familiar.

      We also looked at the biography of the author, also how and why she wrote the book.

      Interesting Links:
      Annawadi  (YouTube 1:33min)
      Annawadi  (YouTube 2:18mins)

      Behind the Beautiful Forevers   (Website - author info, discussion questions, background, photos etc)

      Interview (Fresh Air)

      Asha and Manju today (4th March 2012)

Asha and Manju today (see link above for article from

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