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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wednesday 3rd October, 2012, A Surrey State of Affairs by Ceri Radford, chosen by Ant

The Page 69 Test

Interview (Lisa Binion part 1)

Interview (Lisa Binion part 2)

An easy read.

Amusing at first and then we got a little tired for it began to drag on.

The last third of the book was the most interesting part of the whole story.

We discussed the author, looked at some interview questions.  We also talked about the characters in the book, some events and how the setting worked for the characters. For some reason or other, Constance brought memories of Hyacinth Bucket to mind though they were completely different characters.  She was had a way of putting her foot into everything as she bumbled merrily along life's way.

Taken at the end of the meeting

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