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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Wednesday 7th August, 2013 - Little Bee by Chris Cleave (chosen by Fra)

  • paperback edition - 266 pages - obtained from BetterWorld books
  • audio book read by Anne Flosnik (beautifully narrated)
  • Also known by the title "The Other Hand"
  • Immigration, globalization, Imperialism, Nigeria - Oil 
  • Two narrators
  • An Emotional-charged read

What we discussed:
  • The author - background, other books (including Incendiary - Somerset Maugham Award, Shortlisted for 2006 Commonwealth Writer's Prize - also a movie) Also how and why he wrote the book - to expose conditions in British detention centres.
  • Book also known as "The Other Hand" - Why two titles? Which is better?
  • Book cover - Our thoughts on the cover - some liked it, others didn't
  • The central theme - how a split-second decision can change the course of life in an instant
  • Other themes - Immigration - refugees, asylum seekers, detention centres - Could such a thing have actually happened?     Politics and power-play -  Big companies and what happens little villagers - implications - Nigeria and a certain oil company       
  • Characters -  Little Bee - Her name? Was it appropriate?  Sarah, Andrew, Charlie (also Batman), Lawrence
  • The situation on the jetty and how the book ended

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