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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Why I Love Bookclub (He)

Bringing our attention back to Sa's comment on the passage in the previous entry from The Distinguished Guest....... where she commented on the line "possessions and connections which need tending" as an unusual way of describing life.

"The evening winds down, and when the first couple rises apologetically to go, the others get up too. They have busy days the next day, they have children, yards, boats, cars, tennis games, golf games to play - possessions and connections which need tending."

I think that this proves our bookclub is giving everyone something more than a chat & a wine, when Sa can mention this particular paragraph and you read it and it makes you stop and think, and reflect on your life and the nice pattern of our lives. This is why I love our bookclub - even if I don't like the book, I always come away with a different side of the book that I didn't see.....Plus I do love the chitchat & wine & food!!

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