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Wednesday, December 5, 2007


photo above: taken at our Christmas dinner in Dec at In Contro
photo below: taken at One Book Festival in Feb 07 with Markus Zusak. We had repeated attempts at this photo as Markus kept blinking, moving and calling for re-takes, leaving us all in fits of laughter!

Feb 2007
The Book Thief (Markus Zusak) He
We have discovered Booktalk thanks to a Librarian from one of the local libraries. We are now hiring books through Booktalk! Some of us have bought some of the Wells old bookclub books and we will also use these books this year.

The Country Girls (Edna O'Brien) Ca
This is part of a trilogy. We read the first part. It is set in the 1940's and tells of the lives of two friends Caithleen and Baba, both very different personalities and from different backgrounds.
A Short History of Tractor's in the Ukraine ( Marina Lewycka) An
One of our favourites this year! Easy to read and quite entertaining too.
Mad Meg (Sally Morrison) Je
We found this one quite hard to get into which was not very good for the discussion. Je presented interesting background info on the author.
His Mother's House (Marta Morazzoni)Ju
Interesting study of a relationship between a mother and her son. A quick read.
Alias Grace (Margaret Atwood) Sa
Very interesting book about the life of the murderess Grace Marks.
Some links:
old map of Richmond Hill showing where Thomas Kinnear lived-
(currently unable to access this website which is linked to the Richmond Hill Public Library in Ontario)

Scroll down after clicking on this link for:
calling card of Thomas Kinnear
(currently unable to access this website)

Richmond Hill cemetry-
(currently unable to access website)
"Tom and Nancy were buried in the Richmond Hill Presbyterian Cemetery - but in the far southwest or 'Potter's Field' section, some distance from the community's more respected citizens. Nancy's body lies at Kinnear's feet in the only grave in the entire cemetery that lies along a north-south line." (cited from above website that is no longer available)
Richmond Hill Presbyterian Cemetery (picture taken in 2005)

Scroll down this link for:
Alias Grace is also acted out as a play !!

Richmond Hill, a brief History

Richmond Hill - Alias Grace Park

Addit: Have come back to check on links today (13/04/11) and noticed that one of the websites is not there any more.  Apologies everyone ... those were interesting links. Will keep an eye out to see if it appears again.  Meanwhile, have located this Readers Guide which has some interesting information too. 
Aug and Sept
Ju has left the group after 8 years of bookclub and moved out of Perth to live in the country. We wish her lots of luck ...... we will miss her. Perhaps we might have an excuse to decend on her one of these days and host a bookclub meeting at her place?
Mitford Girls (Mary S Lovell) Da
This was quite a thick book but interesting reading about the lives of the famous Mitford sisters. In the 20th century the family achieved contemporary notoriety for their controversial and stylish lives as young people, and later for their very public political divisions between communist and fascist. The six daughters of the family were known collectively as the Mitford sisters. Nancy and Jessica became well-known writers. Debo managed one of the most successful stately in England. Jessica and Deborah both married nephews-by-marriage of prime ministers, Winston Churchill and Harold MacMillan respectively. Debo and Diana married wealthy aristocrats. Unity was known during the 1930s for being close to Adolf Hitler.
An and He and families are travelling around Australia, Sa has work meetings on the same day (oh no!) and Je couldn't make it so there are only 4 of us at these meetings :)
Three Dog Night (Peter Goldworthy) Ant
Ant: This is a confronting story about a love triangle that is highly emotionally charged. Love it or leave it,... like it or hate it..... you'll talk about it!
Discussion on Three Dog Night by Ant
Christmas dinner at In Contro.

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