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Monday, October 10, 2011

Wednesday, 5th October - My Driver by Maggie Gee (Chosen by He)

My Driver by Maggie Gee is witty, entertaining and enlightening .....  He chose this book because she liked the book's rather attractive cover and was so glad that it turned out to be such a wonderful read.  We recommend this book to everyone for it was delightful and we are quite sure that you'll be in for a treat!

There were four away this month; Ge was ill while the other three De, An, and Cat couldn't make it. We are in the middle of school-holls at the moment and the October meeting is the one that many of us tend to miss because of other commitments. We had an excellent discussion though, for the setting of the book, the content and characters were interesting ....  Most of us were ready to throttle poor Vanessa as she was an irritating character.  Ca had stumbled on My Cleaner,  the first book in the series and was able to compare the characters as they were then to how they are now.  She found that Mary Tendo was younger and not quite as pushy in My Cleaner.  

Fra mentioned that she had heard from friends who had recently been travelling in Africa and their experiences reminded her of parts of the book.

It was interesting to see that the book starts with CHOGM in Uganda .. the meeting which really did take place in Uganda in 2007. It is a coincidence that CHOGM will be actually be taking place in our own capital city this month so we are quite pleased to be reading this book, coinciding with this very same event.
(Chogm 2011 website)

Maggie Gee (in brief - British Council)

Maggie Gee on Kampala and travelling in Uganda

The Sheraton in Kampala where Mary Tendo works 

We looked at a map of Uganda to see if we could find some of the places mentioned in the book and also  gauge how far the characters travelled:

Kampala p12, Bwindi, Mbarara p226, The Kazinga Channel between Lake Albert and Lake Edward Ch26 

Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp, Bwindi

We looked at the website and some pictures of a Gorilla Retreat at Bwindi  and noted the location of Bwindi, close to the border of Congo and Rwanda.  More information on the Bwindi Forest National Park can be found here:

Bwindi National Park
(see video of gorillas - 40secs)

The Mweya Lodge, Queen Elizabeth Park, where Trevor stops for a break, prompted by Mary Tendo!! (Ch29 and p231 )

Maggie Gee and her daughter Rosa 

Maggie Gee's writing room.

Picture and more on the room from The Guardian

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