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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wednesday, 5th September, 2012, Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James, chosen by An

This book was chosen out of sheer curiosity as everyone was talking about it and all of us (except one who protested) wanted to know why?

During the weeks that followed, emails were sent back and forth sharing links and 50-shades of grey jokes and it was current everywhere around us in the show of Newpaper articles, interviews on tv etc

The first email:
(with picture below attached)

50 Shades (Men's Edition)

Another emaill:
Okay, I’ve finished it too.  I am “rolling my eyes” as I write ….. and my “inner goddess” is NOT “doing a back flip”  ……..  but strangely enough,  I am actually wondering about what happens  next  …..

Yes, it is going to be a very interesting book club meet!!

And another:
*Big grin*  

Did everyone see last Saturday’s paper?  There were two articles on the book ….. Opinion p28 and Agenda p57 

West Australian,  Sat 11/08/12 Agenda p57

West Australian Sat 11/08/12 Opinion p28


Did you hear of the Hardware Store in Australind advertising that it has all the "necessary hardware" for men?
Australind - Blackboard joke creates grey area

And more and emails flew back and forth as the weeks went by and with them came more links: 

The book that divides the readers of 50 shades into the following categories:
1) Those who have shamelessly embraced the "Fifty Shades" happening and need to know what sort of arguments those who are insulting the books are likely to make
2) Those who pretend that they are above it all but have a secret copy of the book and who are trying to make up their minds whether to love or hate the book.
3) Those who have braved accusations of elitism and literary snobbery and have declared never to read 50 Shades because it is crap. Via this book these people will be able to pick big giant holes in 50 Shades without having to actually read it.

Then came the meeting. It was a fun meeting that was full of laughter.  Note: Some actually went on to read the trilogy as they wanted to know how it would end and that included the one who didn't want to read it in the first place.  


- It was embarrassing to read in public so it couldn't be taken out of the house

- It was easy to read on a kindle

- The first two books were terribly boring .... the third one was the most interesting

- No, the second book was the most interesting ....

- The writing was dreadful .....

- All three books could have been combined into one

- Clever marketing of the product ie covers etc

- writing immature .... repetitive .... can't believe it got published

- amazing to see it doing so well ... and it has opened way for more books of this sort .... (oh dear!)

Some articles that came up during our discussion :

EL James Website

Business Stats at a glance

Digital stats - article

article - Is this really what women want?

We talked about the contract drawn up in Fifty shades of Grey and also a situation in Italy where a woman was suing her husband for 7 years of slavery.
Telegraph website article )

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