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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Wednesday 4th February 2015 - First meeeting for 2015

It is the start of the new year!  We are at Je's on a lovely Summet's evening.  Not all have made it tonight as two have just stepped off a plane after recent travels to India and Cambodia and are jet-lagged, only just returning home the day before. We look forward to hearing their news soon.

Also two are in the process of moving homes and have been very busy .... There is much to talk about as everyone catches up on each other's news.

Holiday reading included .......

De: Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Interesting and loved the setting.

Fra: Biography .... Interesting journey through the silk road rich in history and culinary delights. (Includes recipes) 

Ani: An emotional journey

Ge: A boy's journey to heaven and back

Su: setting - London 1976 in a heatwave

Su:A young adult read - part of school curriculum, read to see what the kids are reading - interesting

Su: A journey with Alzheimer's 

Su: 19thCentury New Zealand - Winner of the Man Booker Prize 


Ant: Listened to the series on audio - All good till 4!!

Je: Chosen for next month and Je is half way through this book - more to come next month!

Ca:Witty, amusing and an excellent read.

Ca:Set in India, 1920's during British occupation. Booker Prize winner

Ca:An entertaining biography - quick read

Ca:A light read - young adult book, now a movie

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