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Wednesday, December 5, 2007


(photo: Taken in Dec 06 at The Ship)

Feb 2006
Bush Oranges (Kay Donovan) He
Set in Queensland, this is a story about families, relationships .... are secrets really best kept hidden?.....Most enjoyable reading!

Kissing in Manhattan (David Shickler) Sa
A collection of stories ..... nice and easy read!

Purple Hibiscus (Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche) Ca
Set in Nigeria, with the military coup in the background, this is about Kambili's awakening to the realities of life. Recommended!

Samurai's Garden (Gail Tsukiyama)De
A beautiful book that needs to be read slowly, so that one can feel and experience the happenings within! Set in 1937, this is about Steven who spends a year recovering from illness in a village called Tarumi.

The Boy (Julian Davies)Je
The affair between a 36 yr old woman and a 16 yr old boy.
Good read! This is told from multiple points of view. Very interesting.
I don't Know How She Does It (Alison Pearson)Da
An entertaining read about a mother and how she copes with her high-profile job and family. Mixed reactions to this book from us all.

Venetian Affair (Andrea Di Robilant)Ju
An 18th Century forbidden love affair, revealed to us through letters. We found this difficult to read. Ca enjoyed it thoroughly, mainly because she got hold of an audio and listened to the whole story while driving.

Nanny Diaries (Kraus and Mclaughlin)Ant
Novel written by authors who were both former nannies satirizing upper-class Manhattan society.
Audio interview : (11mins)
No book to read for Dec as The Well is forced to close down hiring facility due to a problem with copyright and publishing companies. (This is to be resolved in the middle of 07 when it becomes a big mistake.... and The Well starts building up its stock for hiring to bookclubs again.)
Christmas Dinner at The Ship. Je couldn't make it as she had her daughter's graduation on that night.

Carrie Tiffany-Everyman's rules for Scientific living.
This was chosen for the One Book event early this year. Ca went to see the author speak and enjoyed it thoroughly. The author showed a fantastic slide show on actual events that happened in the past that the book was actually based on. (An was also on her way to this but got delayed and unfortunately missed it.)

David Suzuki
Ca went to see David Suzuki on his "final speaking tour" in October, this year. This was a most interesting and entertaining event. He spoke of his life, his family and his work and introduced us to his book "David Suzuki : The Autobiography". Ca was touched by Severn Suzuki's (then aged 12) speech at the UN Earth Summit in 1992 which was played to us that day . This can be seen here on YouTube: (8mins)

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