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Thursday, March 6, 2008

March 05 2008 - Homeland by Barbara Kingsolver (De)

Tonights discussion (De's book) was on a collection of 12 short stories from the book, Homeland by Barbara Kingsolver. Set in various towns in the US, the blurb reads: "...... Barbara Kingsolver tells stories of hope, momentary joy and powerful endurance. In every setting her characters are bound by a strong sense of place and the compelling ties of love and family history......."

We enjoyed the collection, some more than others. Comments were made on how different each story was. It was almost as if a different person had written each one as Kingsolver's writing style altered ... giving each a unique voice which was pretty special. The female characters were more developed than the male characters. Our favourite stories were "Islands on the Moon" and "Rose-Johnny". We weren't impressed with the first short story "Homeland" and would have picked another to start the book off!

...... and some sad news ...... After 8½ years of bookclub, Da is not going to be able to come to meetings anymore as life (which was always busy) has become busier and keeping up with bookclub readings has become increasingly difficult. We are all going to miss her. (Keeping fingers crossed that perhaps things might change in the future and she will come back one day? )
(Next meeting will be at He's place.)

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