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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

September 08 - Lolita by Vladimir Nabakov (An)

This book is noted as being one of the most controversial reads of the 20th century and is about a Poet and pervert, Humbert Humbert who becomes obsessed by a twelve-year old-Lolita.

Ant: "From what I read Lolita was written in English than translated into Russian.The book is of its time. I found the language of Humbert annoying. The words that come to mind when I think of Humbert are unctuous, creepy, ingratiating fawning etc etc. I just could not bond with the character and so could not be drawn into his pathology. I did not find this book in any way a love story. Is this book a metaphor for tyranny? I think so. Is Humbert so different from the monster who imprisoned his daughter in the basement in Austria? Did I find it hard to read ? No but it did bore me a little."

Fra: "I would not have read this book if it had not been chosen. I struggled with the first 50 or so pages and then enjoyed the rest.I actually enjoyed the authors use of language and wished my so very rudimentary French could have been drawn on. How much could Lolita be blamed for the outcome? She also had an "affection starved" upbringing---was she seeking this from her mothers male lodgers???The movie was so ordinary as movies usually are."

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