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Thursday, August 6, 2009

August - Perfect Match by Jodi Picoult (Fra)

The book brought an interesting discussion from the group who approached Jodi Picoult and her writing with a mixed reception. Some enjoyed the book, the theme and the whole story while others felt that something was missing. Everyone had little gripes about the characters. Some were thoroughly irritated with Nina Frost ...... and found her actions unbelievable. Others suggested her actions were plausible and began to question why she reacted as she did and could such a thing really happen? ........ Other issues in the book were analysed and taken apart..... The ending was questioned by some - we all thought it was unexpected. It was mentioned that Picoult is clever in picking the themes for her books for she chooses to write about issues that are current therefore ensuring an interest from her fan base. The content of this book in true Picoult form was well researched. However, those of us who read Plain Truth a few years ago, preferred Plain Truth to this one. Yes, we enjoy her books ..... some more than others..... and quite often she writes page-turners .... however, her "formula-style" of writing was noted. Some minded this while others did not!
Jodi Picoult's website with synopsis of the book:
Website also has discussion questions on the book.
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