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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December - Jasper Jones by Craig Silvie (He)

(Pictures: Dinner at George St Bistro in East Fremantle)

We had our end of year Christmas dinner at the George St Bistro in Fremantle......with one of us missing because of another commitment that night; It's always hard to get everyone together this time of the year.

Discussion tonight was not as structured as it normally is. We spent a little time at the end of dinner discussing the author and the book. Three of us had gone to the "Meet the Author" session held in September this year and it was great to meet him and hear him talk about the book. (See previous blog entry for more) Je commented that he writes and speaks in the same way!!

We enjoyed reading the book. The characters were memorable. Everyone loved Jeffrey Lu! The book has many issues that are good for discussion. We think that it will also be an excellent book for study in secondary schools in Australia.

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