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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wednesday, 6th April - Digging to America by Anne Tyler (chosen by De)

This is the second book by Anne Tyler that our group has read. The first one,  A Patchwork Planet was read quite a few years ago. We noted that both books are set in Baltimore, which is where Anne Tyler actually lives.

We started the meeting by talking about Anne Tyler, her background and looked at the titles of books she has written, over the years.  Some of us remember reading a few of her other books; ..... Back When We Were Grown-Up,  Breathing Lessons, The Accidental Tourist were among those mentioned.  We find her writing style  charming. She gets you involved in her characters, drawing you gradually into their lives, and before you realise it .... you are half-way through  her books!

This book starts in 1997 at an airport in Baltimore where 2 very different families go to pick up their adopted Korean daughters.  Most of us liked it, from the very first page and it too, was quite an engaging read.  The characters and events seemed so real.  Ant was curious about the picture on the cover of the book.     (We had the edition pictured above.)  She asked each of us which child we thought was on the cover .... Susan or Jin-Ho?  :)  Comments varied.  

The Discussion Questions that De chose that evening can be found here.  We went through most of them and found them very useful. Also adding in this link:

Sunday Book Review     (article)

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