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Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Feb 2001
Chocolat (Joanne Harris) Ca
A light and easy read..... flowing with chocolate.  We talked about the characters .... looked at a map of France, though Chocolat is set in an imaginary village .... 

Lit Lovers Reading Guide
Song of Soloman (Toni Morrison)Hea
About the life of Malcom "Milkman" Dead III.
The Idea of Perfection (Kate Grenville)Ju
Quote at beginning of the book: "An arch is two weaknesses which together make a strength"(Leonardo da Vinci) Apparently Grenville came across this quote while researching some bridges for a project she was working on and was struck by how well it fitted in with human relationships in life.
A beautiful book! Set in a small town in Australia it has some interesting characters ... the two from the city, the bank managers wife, the Chinese butcher :) ..... and it is about the two most unlikely people, falling in love.
Drylands (Thea Astley)Ge
This is about a dying country town in Queensland.
Day of the Bees (Thomas Sanchez) Da
Set in France during the Nazi occupation, this is a story about a painter and his mistress. Great discussion!
What the Body Remembers (Shauna Singh Baldwin)Fl
(Ge has left the group due to Uni commitments but has us over for this meeting.)
This is set in Punjab, against the background of the 1947 partitian of India ie events leading to it and after ..... with the main focus on three characters.
While I was Gone (Sue Miller) An
A novel about love and betrayel that generated a lot of discussion. This was one that we found very interesting.
Reading Group Guide
Monica's Story (Andrew Morton) Ant
Autobiography of Monica Lewinsky. Something most of us wouldn't have read, if not for bookclub! Good discussion.
Welcome to the World, Baby Girl (Fanny Flagg)De
A most enjoyable read!
Reading Group Guide
Interpreter of Maladies (Jhumpa Lahiri)Je
A lovely collection of stories which we all enjoyed. Good discussion!
Christmas dinner at Indiana's Ca ("how embarrassing!") discovers that Moreton Bay Bugs are not real bugs ..... she is amazed to see Ant eat them without complaining... as Ant does not cope well with crawling things. Then the discovery is finally made! (blush!)

Chocolat, the movie
We went to see the movie together. Most of us preferred the book!

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