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Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Feb 2002
Fall on Your Knees (Anne-Marie MacDonald) Ju
A very interesting story about what can happen when secrets are kept and things are assumed instead of being completely honest to children and not hiding things. Sad but beautifully written.
The Halifax explosion is mentioned a few times in this book. More info on this can be found here:
Poisonwood Bible (Barbara Kingsolver) discussion by An, Ju, Ca
Set in the Congo, 1960's.... spanning 3 decades, this is about the lives of the a preacher Nathan Price and his family. The book is narrated by his 4 daughters, Ruth May, Adah, Leah and Rachel.
Ca: I love this author's writing style and the descriptive passages throughout the book. It is beautifully written. I also gained an insight into the Congo, something I know very little about and found it very interesting.
Drowner (Robert Drew) Ca
Ca loved this book! It was filled with wonderful historical information and she enjoyed finding out more by checking out the authors further reading list. Also beautifully written with the imagery of water throughout this book, water seen as life and death. - Somehow or other, the others might not have felt the same way about this book but were so good to humour her! :)
(He joins the group!)
House of Sand and Fog (Andre Dubus III) Hea
(Thank goodness Ant was away for this one. She didn't have to read it!) Though the content was depressing, we had a great discussion.
White Oleander Je
Astrid is separated from her mother and has to cope with this and with foster care. Coming of age story? Fortunately Ant was away for this one.
Surgeon of Crowthorne (Simon Winchester)Da
This is about how the Oxford Dictionary came to be written. We all enjoyed this book and found it really interesting. Ant and Ca will one day retrace the steps of the murderer .... in Lambeth!
Once in a House on Fire (Andrea Ashworth)De
Author's writes about growing up as an abused child in Manchester. Terribly depressing, but there is hope .......
More information, here:
The true History of the Kelly Gang (Peter Carey)Fl
This is based on the life of Ned Kelly, famous Australian bushranger.
Ca: I enjoyed it thoroughly. The author gave Ned Kelly a voice and therefore a chance to speak, bringing him to life for us.
Shark Net (Robert Drew) An
A young boys journey to manhood during the time of Perth's notorious serial killer, Eric Cook. This is set in Western Australia and in our city. We know all of the places mentioned..... including the very spot where the serial killer was caught all those years ago.
Red Tent (Anita Diament) Ant
Historical fiction based on the story of Dinah, the daughter of Jacob (Genesis)
Christmas Dinner at Observation City!

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