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Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Feb 2003
Plain Truth (Jodi Picoult) He
A clash of two different worlds. Held our attention from strart to finish, full of suspense!
A Fine Balance (Rohinton Mistry) Ca
Set in India in the mid 70's this novel was one that kept An and Ca awake at night! This novel is full of unforgetable characters.
We had a special visitor today, Fra ... who gave us an insight into the Parsee Community in India. It was a very interesting evening. Thank you to Fra who made it special!
Patchwork Planet (Anne Tyler) An
Simply delightful. This was one that we all enjoyed. The main character is Barnaby Gaitlin who has always struggled with life. This is a novel about human relationships and life.
The Hacienda (Lisa St Aubin De Teran) Je
Set in Venezuela, this is a memoir. Mixed reactions to this book.
(Sa joins the group!)
Blue (Ken Spillman) Da
Set in Australia, this is a collection of short stories. This was one that most of us enjoyed.
Enduring Love (Ian McEwan)De
A novel about an obsession that tests the limits of love between two people. This also shows how life can change in one second. Well written. (Don't think all of us enjoyed it as it brought out a lot of emotion ..... cringe, cringe, ..... during the discussion. )
Bridge Across My Sorrows (Christina Noble)Cl
This is Christina Noble's biography. We found it very depressing and we were shocked at what she had to go through as a child, after her mother died.
Miss Garnet's Angel (Salley Vickers)An
We love this book! We all want to go to Italy now! This is the link to Salley Vicker's website and the section on Miss Garnet's Angel:

There is an interactive map there which gives interesting information and shows the Guardi Paintings ... and the locations in this book.
Also, if you are visiting Venice and would like to see the places in the book James Parson's blog has a couple of entries which makes an interesting read.
About a Boy (Nick Hornby) Ant
Ant was away for this book but notes were given out to be read. Everyone also watched the movie, that night...... for something different!
Tender at the Bone (Ruth Reichl) Ju
Written by New York Times restaurant critic, Ruth Reichl, this is about her life and growing up with food.
Christmas dinner at "The Prophet"

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